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Moose nuggets

June 21, 2012

For those who do not know…a moose nugget is a small, Easter egg shaped, excrement from of course a moose. We find them everywhere up here and some enterprising Alaskans have derived an income selling them to tourists. These entrepreneurs have found many things to do with them including a nugget necklace. I am thinking that I find many stories of interest that are too short to make a complete posting but just right to be put with other ‘nuggets’, enjoy.

Just a short note to make the global warming folks squirm a bit. It seems that this global warming thing is nothing new, even the ‘wooly mammoths’ from the dawn of this planets existence had to deal with ‘climate change’. There extinction was brought about for the most part because the melt back of glaciers , rising sea levels and the thawing of the earth… and oh yeah the introduction of man hunting them. For those of you out there screaming at the computer screen, yes I happen to agree that having 4-5 billion people walking around, driving cars and using electricity does add to the change in global temperature, but even if you converted all the power plants on earth to solar power it wouldn’t equal the carbon released by every forest fire and volcano in the same time period.

Quit grinding your teeth, I didn’t forget that old evil carbon producer the automobile. If every car and truck in the world ran on electricity, and the electricity to recharge them was produced by an oil or coal fired power plant, where is the reduction in carbon emissions?

On the scale of important things that happen in our lives this may not even move the meter. However it is truly worth noting an epoch event of historical proportions such as this. An object built here on planet earth in 1977 will be the first object crafted by the hands of man to enter into interstellar space. Voyager 1 has traveled for 35 years and soon it will enter the area as Captain Kirk has said ‘Where no man has gone before’. For a more informed look into this event please click here.

Because summer is here the 120 mile round trip to town has become like the mosquito a pain in the butt. When Rose first moved out here and I was still working in Fairbanks the road from the second crest at Wickersham done to her home at 51 mile was a dirt and gravel wilderness experience, but like all good things it came to an end when they paved it all the way to the junction with the Dalton Highway. Well this brought more traffic, mostly locals for hunting and camping, but I also noticed more tourist when they were in season. Now with a mega gold mine or two opening up in Livengood the traffic is akin to some roads in Fairbanks.

With all this added traffic comes the DOT. Every summer they have there own little ‘economic stimulus package’, with quite a few road repair sections. Even this I would not mind if the road was indeed in need of repair. But this summer they have gone off the charts with a mid sized project in a section of the Elliott near Olnis. They have had at times three sections of the road torn up and crews standing around, (I mean working). This one section I speak of was not in bad shape, so why spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and aggravate the people who must use this one and only road North. Personally I think because we are one of the few States in the Nation to not have a deficit budget our state government is looking for ways to spend our money. Combine that with federal highway tax dollars and you have an excuse to find highways in need of repair.

Guess they never heard of saving the money for a rainy day?

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  1. June 21, 2012 4:36 pm

    Not to mention the increase in stupid road hunters not paying attention to the fact there are homes out in these woods and shooting randomly from the highway. The extended cow season is so not right.


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