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Life here on the edge

June 10, 2012

I think I will follow the tradition of millions of citizens and blame something or someone else for my lack of writing of late. Lets see how about too many summer projects… no that won’t work my summer projects list is the same as last year only longer. Maybe I could blame the 22+ hours of sunlight that makes getting a good nights sleep impossible for me this year. Oh hell I just have gotten lazy and the truth is the pictures I have posted over the last couple weeks speak louder than my words ever could. When we allow our brain to fully take in a photograph it does triggers many memories and emotions buried deep in our soul. It allows us to make that image personal and for the most part has more meaning when personalized than with any words I could ever use.

In any event between the day in and day out rain showers and the over bearing, (for me), 74 degree temperatures I can no longer ignore the fact that for us up here summer has arrived. The ever present rain showers have kept the fire threat low, at least for the moment, but it has created another problem…flooding. I heard on the news today that our only highway link, the ALCAN, with the United States is closed. It seems that water has flooded the highway in quite a number of places. So even though the big rigs with some of our supplies are delayed, until I run out of coffee or tobacco I am a happy camper in that there are no fires nearby because of this rain.

In the world of politics I see that the two major candidates are still acting like children… Going back and forth trying to make us believe that one of them is better for America than there opponent. All you need do is teleport both of them to some school yard, in there childhood, and you can just here them going back and forth seeing who is stronger and smarter then the other one. Listening to them is kinda like the four letters I have on my front door, SSDD! Just once I would love to have a candidate explain in depth a policy that they will enact if they are elected, rather than say over and over how they would do a better job than there opponent.

On the home front I have some visitors this summer. In July my granddaughter will be here and in August my son. This month two of this blogs readers will be in the area one from Australia and the other from Florida. Kara’s summer business, the ‘Hit & Run’, is open and we are all enjoying the benefit of being able to get some ice cream or a sandwich when we feel the need. Rose and her grandson Paul are busy building a cabin for overnight road travelers. Rose is amazing.. you would think that after all these years she would just stand back survey all the great work done and enjoy the fruits of her labors her on the edge.

But she continues to work hard each day bettering her families life…
here on the edge of nowhere.

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  1. Jon permalink
    June 10, 2012 8:49 pm


    Saw the story about the ALCAN yesterday. We are looking at possible severe weather later this evening.Talked to my friends in Fairbanks Fri. & they told me about the hail outside of town; a little unusual.
    Enjoy the non-fire weather in your area while you can.


  2. delbert permalink
    June 10, 2012 10:29 pm

    yes i have looked at the extented weather up there and it says rain… hope its a little dry when i get there. And i rememberwhen eureka creek was a river one summer.Floodin down here too. mowing season IS here……..thank goodness for the Huster Z mower… be seeing you soon pete unless the road is washed out…..


  3. June 12, 2012 2:57 pm Check out Kara’s project. She gets some very good ideas.


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