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And the meek will inherit…

June 4, 2012

And the meek will inherit the banks?

After a while listening to the callers on talk shows, both local and national, the conversation eventually becomes like static in the background. Though quieter now the occupy movement still raises it’s head and seeks the redistribution of wealth, from big business and banks to the poor. The conservatives still want both big & small business’s to be set free from the constraints of federal restrictions and the liberals, well they still want (everything) supplied and directed by the government.

But out of the background noise came a thought that I never considered, who would I want to be running the United States or the world economy? Indeed who would I want to be planning my children and grandchildren s future? Right now we have on the surface the different elected governmental leaders and under that, some say, the Bilderbergs or a hidden world government, the big banks the IMF and the Federal reserve.

If I were to look at what the occupy movement proposes it would be the ordinary man, you and I, making the decisions that would effect every life on the planet. Even those who do not align with the occupy movement have called for control to be removed from big banks and corporate leaders and placed in the hands of the millions of poor around the world.

I do not see this as a good thing. What does a man living in the woods, me, with no running water know about international trading? For that matter what does a man or woman living in some poor slum know about trade deficits. Or more to the point what does a skilled trade union worker know about operating a bank or corporation? This past week the Tea party and occupy activists stood shoulder to shoulder with Ron Paul supporters at the Bilderberg conference annual meeting in Virginia. Every one of the protesters wanted the same thing, to take away the political and economic power from those that are now running the world.

But again I ask

who would they give that power to?

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  1. Daddy permalink*
    June 5, 2012 12:30 am

    Dunno who’d they give it to, but with the big banks still actively continuing their risky practices, and the EU near bankruptcy due to bad business practices, the status quo have proven that they can’t do it.

    It’d be like a kid who keeps spilling the milk, spilling the milk, spilling the milk, And then asking for another glass. When you tell him he has to hold it differently, he tells you to stop asking him to change the way he does things, or apply new rules to him, just give him the milk.

    We don’t know what the answer is, but we know THIS isn’t working.


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