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More government waste

April 23, 2012

The following misappropriation of federal funding on one project was recently unearthed. I guess in 2009 when President obama pushed for and enacted the economic stimulus legislation he intended the monies contained in the bill to be used for items such as this.

It looks like our national debt has somehow vanished. It must be otherwise why would the government spend over $200,000 to move a (one) bush that anyone can purchase for under $20 at a nursery. This is just another prime example of how government agencies misuse OUR money. Under obama’s shovel ready stimulus bill a lot of money was dolled out for highway projects and the local San Francisco government intended to spend every penny that it received.

Apparently $205,075 of our money was spent to ‘translocate’ a bush. The local highway department was working to improve the structural access to the Golden Gate bridge, and this ‘wild’ plant was dead center of there work. Now (common sense) would dictate that any normal person would just rip the plant out and continue with the work at hand. **Considering that this plant could be bought at any local nursery for $15.98. If we the people had to vote on it there is no way everyday working people would even consider spending over $200,000 to move that one bush out of the way of the construction.

This attitude of the everyday waste of taxpayers money was mirrored by the revelation at a congressional hearing that the GSA spent over $800,000 for a conference for its employes in Las Vegas.

With our national debt increasing by millions of dollars per hour these two examples seem like nothing, but you can be assured that there are also millions more of these stupid expenditures made every day. I have always called for an across the board 5% reduction in funding for every government department, if you could also stop these “minor” expenditures I think we may not have to print so much money just to stay even with the debt.

With the elections starting one would think we would have heard the President or the republican candidates come forward with a itemized, explained in detail plan to reduce our debt. Instead we get the usual back and forth about how one candidate is better than the other.

And now time for a smile….

Just a short, end of winter note that may make everyone feel a little better, well almost everyone. I know most people have had a mild winter in the lower forty-eight and even in places like Green Bay, Aspen and Vermont the snow fall was not up to there usual amounts but still one place in the US that had a decent amount of snow fall was down near Valdez and Prince William sound. They received 522 inches, thats 43 feet of snow! I do believe I will remember there fate the next time I am out in my drive with a fresh snowfall of only a couple feet.

WordPress is acting up again and getting more frustrating. It will no longer let me ‘link’ the news stories to the postings I make. So for those who would like to see my source material I have these web pages listed below for the above comments, just copy and paste.

The GSA Las Vegas conference can be found at:

The expensive bush can be found at:

The record snowfall can be found at:

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  1. Del permalink
    April 23, 2012 9:29 pm

    and its going to be in the upper 30’s in sunny FL….. HEre comes the 70″s again with global cooling!


  2. Del permalink
    April 23, 2012 11:06 pm

    Thsi video says it all about what is happening in Washington unless WE stop it form happening.


  3. Jon permalink
    April 24, 2012 2:32 am


    Sending this to a friend of mine in Santa Rosa, Calif. Why are we regular posters not surprised, especially in la la Calif.? A puddle in the street is a wetland. I did find the snowfall article interesting at least on a Mon.


  4. Del permalink
    April 24, 2012 10:26 pm

    Pete you ned to read Neal too….

    By Neal Boortz

    I’m going to try to build a little cheat sheet that Nealz Nuze readers can use when then get into the inevitable arguments with voters involved in the national suicide pact to reelect Barack Obama. For the first portion of the cheat sheet I’m going to rely for the most part on some data gleaned from a column by U.S. News & World Report editor Mort Zuckerman.

    Here are your talking points.

    How about a job? About 15 million Americans of working age have no job and are looking for work.

    Every fifth man in America is out of a job.

    Fewer Jobs. There are 5.5 million fewer jobs right now than there were when Obama was inaugurated.

    Employment Levels. Employment has been below the pre-recession peak for over 50 consecutive months.

    U3 Unemployment Stats. This is the 8.2% figure quoted by Obama for last month. This counts only people who have applied for a job in the previous four weeks.

    U6 Unemployment Stats. This figure counts the number of people who have applied for jobs in the previous 6 weeks. It also includes people who are working in part-time jobs who want to work full time. The U6 unemployment rate is now around 15%

    College Graduates In 2007 90% of all college graduates found a job. Today that figure is 56%.

    Nearly 87 million Americans are NOT in the labor force.

    Dropping Out. Since Obama was sworn in about 3 million people have dropped out of the jobs market. These people are no longer even bothering to look for a job. If they were still in the market – still hopeful – the unemployment rate would be about 10.8%.

    Economic Growth after Great Depression. In 1934, 35 and 36 our economy growed at 11%, 9% and 13%. Economic growth in 2010 was 3%. In 2011 it was 1.7%. This year we’re running between 2 and 3%.

    Ethnic Jobless Rates. For young workers 20 to 24 the unemployment rate is 13%. For Hispanic teenagers it’s 30.5%. For black teenagers it’s 37.9%.

    Private Sector Hiring. Through June of 2011 private sector hiring was 10 times slower after the passage of ObamaCare than it was in the 16 months prior to ObamaCare.

    New Businesses. We need 1 million new businesses every year to sustain growth. We’re running about 400,000 right now.

    Layoffs and Hiring. In the first months of 2012 layoffs have risen 18% from a year ago. Hiring plans have dropped 82%.

    Per Capita Income. In May of 2008 per capital income in the U.S. was at $37,752. It’s now at $37,606. Adjust this for inflation and you have $36,641 in 2008 dropping to $32,600 now. This is the first time since the 1930s that inflation-adjusted incomes have decreased in America.

    Welfare Over $1 trillion spent on government entitlement programs in the last two years.

    Welfare Increase A 5,500% jump in means tested welfare since 1970.

    Welfare percentage Over ½ of households in America have someone receiving entitlement checks.

    Food Stamps Under Obama food stamp use has increased by 41%.

    Every 7th person you pass on the sidewalk is on food stamps.

    EBT Cards The increase in the use of EBT cards is 135%.

    OK … that’s a start. We’ll work on gathering more statistics and expanding this list. Now you’re not going to get a lot of converts face-to-face, but there’s always the possibility that some Obama myrmidon, when faced with these facts, will have a second thought when they actually walk into a voting booth. Forward this to all your friends .. especially friends (Remindamom?) who still think Obama is actually good for this country.


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