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PC media bias

March 20, 2012

Morally and religiously it is wrong. I was brought up with the ten commandments and one of them stated “Thou shalt not kill” The commandment gave NO exceptions so why does the media seem to think one type of murder is more shameful than another? I listened over the weekend to two news broadcasts, one was CBS weekend news and the other NPR news. Both went into detailed descriptions of the slaughter in Afghanistan, who was killed and how horrible an act it was. You could not help but be moved as they described the sleeping children as they were brutally shot. I concur that these acts, upon civilians, were unprovoked and brutal. I also feel that if the soldier they have did commit these acts he should be released to the local authorities for punishment.

However I also feel that those whose responsibility it is to ensure that our troops are stable enough to fight should also pay a price for these murders. For they hold some responsibility for letting a person who must have exhibited some signs of instability, back into a combat area with access to all those weapons. Has the militaries policy changed so much since the 60’s when I was sent to the Far-East? We had extensive psyche evaluations during training and again right before I was deployed. 

But this is not the subject of this posting but the slanted news we are offered each day. Do you remember the ‘massacre’ at Ft. Hood on November 5, 2009. Where 13 were murdered and 29 were wounded? We received no sympathetic details of the poor solders and civilians wounded and killed. Why did we not hear about his direct links to ali-Qaeda or that legislators blasted the administration for calling the slaughter an act of “workplace violence”?

Why is it when a christian extremist commits some horrible deed that every news organization makes sure you and I know every detail of the act, but when it is a Muslim that committed a brutal act he is never identified as such? And again maybe because he is Muslim like the Fort Hood massacre the story disappears from the headlines.

I am sure of two things…
One…we will have almost daily updates on this tragedy in Afghanistan
& two…..the news media will not change the way they report such stories

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  1. Rosalyn permalink
    March 20, 2012 2:19 pm

    The man had 4 back to back deployments to Afghanistan. Enough is enough already. Time for all of them to come home.


  2. Rosalyn permalink
    March 20, 2012 2:34 pm

    One other small thing, the correct interpretation is “Thou shalt not commit murder.”


  3. Jon permalink
    March 21, 2012 2:25 pm

    On your “sure of 2 things”…

    Agreed & agreed. Then they bitch about talk radio & Fox News & promote the Fairness Doctrine, which, in essence, would do away with both of the above.


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