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Bend over…again!

March 16, 2012

When someone talks about alternate universes or the paradox of time travel my eyes glass over and I begin to dose off. But when I hear talk about the cost of gas or home heating oil in Alaska blood seeps out of my eyes and ears and my head explodes. Why is it, my friends, that when we have right here in Alaska, the wells producing our oil, a pipeline carrying that oil and refineries making gasoline and heating oil do we pay the highest prices in America for gasoline at our local gas stations?

The men and woman who wrote our state constitution included wording that said, all of Alaska’s natural resources belong to and will benefit every Alaskan. Smart people wrote that years before oil was discovered, and today we do share in a percentage of every barrel that is produced. We benefit from the PFD a fund that was created with revenue from all those millions of barrels. That fund currently worth in the hundreds of billions of dollars is what our yearly PFD check is based on. The oil companies besides paying a “tax” on every barrel produced, in Alaska, also sells to the state at cost a certain percentage of actual oil. This oil is resold by the state to the two refineries that we have here. The refineries in turn sell it to the local gas stations throughout the state.

So why do we pay the same or more than what people pay for gas in the lower forty-eight states? Over 70% of the oil sold down there is imported oil thus the higher cost. We don’t import our oil up here we produce it, shouldn’t that lower the price? I have heard many reasons for this inequity from the refineries saying it cost more to refine a gallon of gas in Alaska, to the state saying they must mark up the raw oil they sell these refineries. Yeah I get it everyone must make a profit, I can live with that but in no way should it be equal to buying oil from a foreign country and having it shipped across an ocean.

Once again those in power know they can continue screwing with ‘ordinary’ working people.

After all what are we going to do about it.

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  1. Jon permalink
    March 16, 2012 11:07 pm

    Fat chance of this happening, but term limits, baby. And, especially throwing out the present occupants of the White House & this entire administration this fall. Getting rid of some of the onerous regulations & ridiculous mandates on energy producing companies. Building new refineries for the first time since the 70s. We have so much oil it sits in the pipelines waiting for these antiquated refineries to catch up so rather than do that it’s sold overseas.
    But than again, has anything changed over the last several years to allow going after our own resources?
    Until we throttle the so-called enviroMENTAL movement like they’ve throttled us I fear not much will get done. They basically don’t want human life, other than themselves, to exist on Mother Earth.



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