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Go out & play

January 29, 2012

Go out and play, how many times did we hear those words growing up? Or how about when our parents would ask where we were going and we would just say…out, as the screen door closed behind us. Do you remember those Saturday’s when we would come home right before dinner and our dad would say, ‘what were you doing all day’? Of course our answer was …nothing. I remember one Saturday deciding to ride my bike from Philadelphia to my uncles place in New Jersey. I got seriously dehydrated and ended up in the local ER. When my dad came to get me he wanted to know why I wasn’t carrying extra water for such a long ride.

Now-a-days most parents won’t let there little darlings out the front door un-accompanied until they reach there teen years. Even then they are keeping track of these teenage children with the GPS chip inside there phone or car. Is it because we now have so many more child predators or is it the insecurity the parents feel. Another part of the problem is the new improved, ‘no child left behind’, public school system. Where if a child is to much for there teachers to handle they are labeled hyper-active and introduced to the world of drugs. It is indeed a great thing public education where they show that child’s’ growing mind if you have a problem just pop some pills and everything will be OK. I believe it is the lack of morals in society and the breakdown of punishment for offenders that created so many more predators. It is not any one thing you can put your finger on but I am sure it is the evolution of a new and ever more lax society.

When you add:
the breakdown of the traditional marriage
the lack of discipline in the home, (now mommy or daddy can go to jail for hitting there own children)
the lack parents teaching of moral and religious principals
schools that teach our children “there rights” against there parents
schools that teach our children in junior high the right way to have ‘safe’ sex
A president that says to the nation that oral sex is not really sex
A legal system that will not fully punish predatory offenders, because our jails are full
a government and its leaders that teach by example that there are no laws that can’t be gotten around

With the acknowledgement that the above statements are true how can we expect our children to understand right and wrong. We look at our country today and bemoan what a mess we are in, when it is ‘we’ who have let it get to this point. They say hindsight is twenty, twenty and that we study history so we will not repeat the same mistakes. But many of us have never studied the rise and fall of the Roman empire.

For the love and future of our children I hope we do learn from these mistakes.

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  1. Jon permalink
    January 29, 2012 11:34 pm


    Like I said the last post, amen, amen, amen!!

    My Mom always seemed to know where we (I have an older brother) were. When I’d ask my Mom if I could ride my bike “around the block” to me that meant exploring the mine roads around my hometown in N. Mn. Like you, one time I took off for Hibbing when it was about 90 degrees with no water or anything; just wanted to ride my Schwinn 5-speed over & back. I made the 50 mile trip with no problems; never thought about dehydration, being hit by cars , as this is the main hwy., etc.

    A local talk show host has this saying, “Minnesota, the state in which absolutely nothing is allowed.”


  2. Liz permalink
    January 30, 2012 10:40 am

    I totally agree with you. I home schooled my children because of the schools telling my one daughter that she didn’t have to listen to me, she could do what she wanted,. (7th grade) and you know what. After I took her out of public school and taught her at home, never ever had another argument with the child until she was a adult. (then it wasn’t a argument as much as me reminding her she needed to correct her children and her telling me what you said,’ if I correct them, the state will take them away from me’) and that is soooooooooo what is wrong with children today. I don’t think we should abuse children, but they need rules from the time they are small and then they never question you. I know cause I raised 3 and the only one who had trouble was the one I let go to public schools.
    We raised them in the church. I taught them to cook, to clean, to work and also to play.. if work got done, then we played, that was the way life was and it was easy.
    Letting the government have so much control over families has not been healthy.
    I still believe in the old way of living..but with over government control….environmentalist having so much control…it is getting harder to live. It is really not safe for children, I feel sorry for grandchildren, greatgrandchildren, all children actually.


    • Rosalyn permalink
      January 30, 2012 1:57 pm

      I soooo agree. Hit the nail on the head with this post and comments. I’m meaner, I put some fear into them at a young age and never had to, again. None went to jail, none are on drugs.


  3. kara permalink
    January 30, 2012 5:55 pm

    i agree also,,,


  4. AussieAlaskan permalink
    January 30, 2012 6:36 pm

    The more reliance on government to provide everything, the more power government has over the people who want this, the less power the individual has. It always boils down to the same thing. Just look around.


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