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State of the Union?

January 26, 2012

State of the Union…my ass.

If that speech last night was supposed to inform us about the condition of the United States i’ll eat my bunny boots. It was a flat out campaign speech geared to show how great our leader has done and talk about what more damage, (I mean progress), he can do to our nation.

How many job’s did he say ‘he’ created????  The stimulus money he spent, (with money the government borrowed), for shovel ready jobs… well much of that is still unspent and the projects that did get the money many of them were still in the review stage. Our country is like a large living thing and many of the jobs created were jobs that had nothing to do with the stimulus. Like the spike in hiring recorded in December…that was because of the retail stores hiring temporary part time workers for the holidays. But Obama could never pass up a good number that he could take responsibility for.

What about the pipeline bill he vetoed? Thousands of new workers would be hired and many would remain after construction. Why did he veto that bill? *Warren Buffett*  The same man that pours millions into Obama’s campaign owns the corporation that owns Burlington and South West railroad. This railroad is the sole carrier for the oil and natural gas that is produced in North Dakota. North Dakota, for those that do not know, is right now enjoying a 4% unemployment rate due to the oil and gas production explosion going on there. Put in a pipeline and what do you think will happen to Mr Buffett’s corporate income? I am not saying this was the reason but I dam sure can add two plus two. When Obama ridiculed the opposition because they back incentives for the rich, exactly who gave Obama the one billion dollars, he has, in his campaign war chest?

And what’s with the introduction of Buffett’s personal secretary at the state of the union? Obama acknowledged and used her as an example of someone paying a higher income tax rate than her boss. Buffet goes around spouting how he should be paying more in taxes each year why doesn’t he just write a check to the IRS for a few million more?

What grates me even more is this introduction at the state of the union thing. It was started by president Reagan when he honored a man who risked his life, diving into icy waters, to save people from a plane crash in the Patomic river. Tradition started this presentation at the state of the union to honor American heros. Now the meaning has been lowered to include anyone who can help with the presidents campaign.

If I gave that address…
I would have told the American people we were in trouble, spending more than we bring in.
I would propose an flat income tax the same for all across the board with no exemptions.
I would cut the budget of every department in the goverment10%, (yes even for me on Social Security).
I would try “for real” to close our borders as tight as I could.
There would be no medical, schooling or other benefits unless you prove you are an American citizen.
Any company hiring illegal person would be heavily fined and serve jail time.
I would open all US land to development of natural resources.
If you want unemployment $ you get it but you work for the city you live in and you have a drug test.
If you want welfare you get it but again you must work for the city that you live in and have a drug test.
All cities will provide work for those on welfare and unemployment in any and all local departments.
All cities shall provide daycare for all those who need it, employing these same people.

Yes there is much more but this would get the ball rolling and for those that don’t like it let them move to Canada or England for there free medical and benefits.

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  1. Del permalink
    January 26, 2012 10:41 pm

    Pandering to the dumb masses and campaigning was all that was about….. sad sad state of the union……


  2. Jon permalink
    January 27, 2012 1:46 am


    This was the most well-written posting of yours I’ve ever seen. Amen, Amen, Amen!

    If this impostor wants the “fairness” that he constantly rails about (aka Hitler) why doesn’t, he, as you say, propose a flat tax of about 15% & getting the 47% of lower income earners in this country who pay no tax at all, yet take the fullest advantage of government social services the rest of us pony up for to contribute? We all then pay the same rate., everyone contributes & that’s “fair”.

    You’re right in that all these rich people always ranting about paying more, GO AHEAD, for Christ’s sake & then shut up about it! Got a kick out of the always-available media to go on & on about Romney’s income for speech making & nothing mentioned about Clinton’s or any other liberal’s income from the same thing. I wasn’t the brightest bulb in math, but even I can figure out that $300,000 is less than the $82 million that Clinton made in 6 years.

    Ok, I’m done! LOL!!


  3. Rosalyn permalink
    January 27, 2012 12:59 pm

    Somehow, I don’t think a secretary making almost half a million dollars a year in wages and whatever, is on a par with most wage earners in the USA. If she is so unhappy in her place at those wages, step aside, there are thousands that would willingly step in and be thankful for the job. One year at that wage and I would be set for life.


  4. Liz permalink
    January 30, 2012 10:49 am

    Yes, the poor lady, I mean really she is so broke (she’s a hero!) Well I’m pretty sure that all congressmen and senators could stand to take a cut in pay, of a few hundred thousand dollars and they’d still be making way too much. Also everything you said is just right Pete!!


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