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Ramblings 2012.1

January 3, 2012

With the new year just starting and the holidays just finished rather than write a longer piece, (the old brain still thinks it is on some kind of vacation), I think I will start the new year off small with some observations that usually turn into ramblings.

Today after I dug out my reserve fuel tank out of the snow, I pumped 34 gallons into the main tank. That for me is the largest amount of fuel used in a one week period. That comes to 4.8 gallons per day and the temperature wasn’t even that cold, averaging -17 for the entire week. So either I am feeling the cold more, (getting old), or the old heater after a decade of use is not working at it’s best. Either way if the truck starts tomorrow I plan on getting a barrel of fuel along with the regular supplies. I mention this because like all men I tend to put things off… This time I will pay for that tardiness. I could have hauled more fuel out during the warmer months, but I just kept putting it off and now with temp’s in Fairbanks between -25 and -35 I will have to load that fuel in the ‘cool’ daytime air #$@#.

We all know the economy sucks, prices are up but the big problem is simply money is tight. Unlike the US government you and I have to live within our budgets. For me the biggest disappointment of the year was not being able to fly down to my son’s home with my daughter for the Christmas holiday. This was brought on by higher gas and heating oil prices, combined with a drastic price increase in food and other supplies. I am not putting this out there looking for sympathy because each of us are facing similar situations, I am just stating the facts of life. Like a parent showing his children how to survive you would think the leaders of our country would set the example for the rest of the nation. I will not address our representatives in Washington, for they never knew a dollar they did not want to spend. But you would think the most visible person in Washington, the president would at the very least present the appearance of restrained spending.

Not… instead he goes on a 17 day $4 million dollar ‘vacation’ at the taxpayers expense. Oh yeah I forgot the government is broke. So he must have had some extra cash printed up to cover the trip. Or maybe he considers it ‘economic stimulus’ for the state of Hawaii. He could have spent the holiday at Camp David or his ‘legal’ home in Chicago but he chose Hawaii. I guess living within our means is for us ‘ordinary’ folk.

Now here is something that has been rattling around in my head for many decades. When we were in school..any school, grade/high/collage, we and our teachers worked from a book. Lets take history. Now the teachers taught us certain facts from history book #1. We accepted these facts, (if we could stay awake in class), as true because the teacher said it was and it was printed in our history books. Fast forward a few years and the history book is now version #2 and certain facts have changed. Which facts are true, book #1 or #2? You would say #2 because a later edition would have more up to date facts. But I have found that sometimes it is just because it was written by different authors and publishers that ‘think’ and see things differently…. I bring this up because while writing I search out facts concerning whatever it is I am writing about, and when you do a search on the web you get thousands of different sites relating to your search. On on most of the sites the facts stay the same but then I have also come across sites with different truths relating to the facts. So I ask you what is the truth? How do we judge which fact is true?

Excuse me a minute I think my head is about to explode…….

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  1. Daddy permalink*
    January 3, 2012 11:33 pm

    That looks like some deep snow there!
    Pile that up against the house and use it for insulation!


  2. Jon permalink
    January 4, 2012 2:41 am

    Hi & HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you.

    Looks like lots of snow there for ya Pete. Good luck with that & Daddy’s right about what to do with it.

    Yeah, just before our anti-American leader took off for another vacation he lectured everyone about how we have to save money. Noticed Michelle (my belle) left separately with the kids chalking another million or so in fuel expenses, etc. Weren’t these people children of the environment or is that just for the rest of us?

    About a month ago, I came on here with my kidney stone saga. Well, New Years Eve, I started having some pain again, & 14 hrs. later it was gone after having it removed at the hospital. My poor wife, who’d just returned to work last Fri. after 2 days due to flu was there the whole time & she started throwing up again just before she drove us both home through snow & wind. This is Pete’s blog so going to skip lots of details, but we’re both ok now & get the stent out tomorrow. At least it wasn’t -40 for us like there. Stay warm up there buddy!



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