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Getting cooler

November 17, 2011

Thanks to all for your comments in and about my absence. And since Jon brought up the cooler weather I decided to make this posting earlier than I had planed.

by Tricia

Winter fun Alaskan style at the outhouse races

Most things in life are relative. This morning for example in North Pole it was -46 and Fairbanks -36, while here at the cabin a nice -21. I make mention of the temperature because I spoke with a gentleman in South Carolina where it was for him a nice 70+ degrees. Now presently we are going through a cold snap, and yes the -36 and -46 are cold bordering on dangerous. But the -21 is a fairly common winter temperature and one that we can dress for. In the interior of Alaska we have accepted these cold temperatures as a mater of daily winter life. One that is balanced with our cooler summers, less population and astounding beauty.

True, it is not for everyone. I have spoken to many people over the ham radio that live in Texas, Florida and Arizona and they think that temperatures in the 90’s are quite comfortable. My son, living outside of Dallas Texas, this past summer endured 100+ temperatures every day for more than 40 straight days. Temperatures that would surely stop this man’s old heart. I think what I am saying is it is relative to what your used to and your body finds acceptable. I know when I was in the Far East for a year and a half the 99+ temp’s plus the 100% humidity every day was not conducive to hard work, but we learn to deal with extremes when we have to.

I have been trying to apply this live and let live with our country’s economic and political climate. You have the Tea party balanced by the wall street activists, the Democrats by the Republicans. Wait a minute those last two are really only different in name, there self-serving policies are the same. Tis ashame we have no equal third party who’s only policy is the true betterment of the American people. Have you ever wondered why a third party never had a chance in our society? Why is it we complain and get angry but never actually go out and do anything concrete about it? We say over and over that congress and the senate is corrupt and should be thrown out, yet on election day the same people are voted back in and the new ones are just as bad as the old one’s.

Maybe it is truly time to get serious and not

‘adjust to….business as usual’.

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  1. AussieAlaskan permalink
    November 17, 2011 7:47 pm

    What about the Libertarians? – I voted that way for years.

    And, PS – Keep warm :-)


  2. Jon permalink
    November 18, 2011 9:53 pm

    The few good ones in there (mostly conservatives) are outnumbered by the majority of the rest of the Democrats & RINO’s (Republican in name only) . Term limits, baby, but that will never happen as long as they are what they are.


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