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Sex, ramblings & hypocrisy

October 14, 2011

Just another normal week out here on the edge of nowhere. The temperatures continue on a slow downward pace. So far this week two days have failed to hit the freezing point for the daytime high, and this morning it began to snow. Not the ‘your in for it now’ type but the lets snow off and on for the whole day. And with the temperature near freezing of course at 4pm I heard on the news of a hazardous road conditions report for the only road to Fairbanks. Funny I was thinking of going in tomorrow to do some laundry…guess I don’t have to make an excuse to myself for putting it off.

I know I mention quite frequently that I listen to a lot of ‘talk show’ programs. Some of whom over the years I have come to dislike the direction they are heading, for example Glenn Beck. I listened to him when he was first starting and really like his moral and political views. He was quite open about his life’s personal problems and I always thought he spoke from the heart. Over the last few years his show has changed and I now seldom listen. However one talk show host has maintained his philosophy over the years and has never changed. From the start he was “hard” to listen to, rough, abrupt and angry. I have had visitors that ‘hated him’ because they thought he was totally anti democrat. Listening for quite a while now I know he is anti anybody that does not put our country first be it republican, democrat or independent.

His name is Michael Savage and the creed he lives by is “borders, language and culture”. Beneath the gruff exterior and broadcast rants is nothing more than a hardline conservative who LOVES America. I use the capitols because it is that which makes his blood flow. Anything he perceives as a threat to our American way of life is a target for his words. If you have never listened to him head this warning. Do not make a snap decision, for there are days when he is self centered, (his books, his education his ego), will fill the hours when he is on the air. But like panning for gold listen a few times and the gold will be revealed.

(SSDD at the NY demonstrations)
Weeks are passing and I still haven’t heard a definitive answer from the people in the demonstrations on why they are protesting. When interviewed they repeat the words of slogans but can not explain just why they are there. I heard one interview of someone in the New York demonstration who said she was there because of “big corporations”. Just what does that mean? Are the words big corporations now a curse word? When pushed to explain what she meant she said they were formulating an answer that ‘we’ the public could understand. Some others say that they are there because so many are out of work and the big business are making too much money.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that the people still working are working for a business or corporation that is still making money enough money to keep them employed. Yes they may be using every loop hole to not pay there fair share of taxes, but it is the members of congress and the senate who make those laws/loop holes. So maybe all the protesters across the US should get down to Washington and camp out in front of the capitol.

But this would mean that these demonstrators have ‘common sense’, and we now know that the majority of them do not and in fact are (paid) to be there. I always thought protesters were just ordinary people who were angry enough to make there voices heard.

I didn’t know there were job openings for demonstrators
…where do I sign up.

Ok I know I had the word sex in the title but it was just to trigger a tag for the search engines, sorry.

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  1. Jon permalink
    October 14, 2011 8:33 pm

    I think I sent you an email pic depicting how many items these morons are using in their protests ( video cams, clothes, cell phones, etc.) that were made/invented by some corporation, which further points out their hypocrisy.

    They’re here in Mpls. doing their thing downtown. Now they want to pitch tents for the week-end as it’s colder here than earlier this week. They already have the mayor’s blessing so I don’t think it’s going to be a problem for them. I personally hope they freeze their asses off!
    But then they’ll get free medical care, too.

    Savage has been on the air waves here for years but late at night on AM. I like Beck myself.


  2. TexasJim permalink
    October 15, 2011 6:53 am

    Pete I am like you I liked Glen Beck when he first started. I would not miss a show, he went down hill and I think Fox network saw the change and let him go. He is on the radio every AM down here. I just turn him off. I was getting his newsletter and dropped it.
    About that SEX it sure made me read your post. I think I remember what SEX was but at 72 my memory is starting to get gray.
    Have a great day.


  3. AussieAlaskan permalink
    October 16, 2011 10:37 am

    G’day, Pete! Yup, your blog title got me wondering what you were up to ;-) And, I agree, laundry is never a really good reason to go anywhere – enjoy this lead in to winter.


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