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Revolution & Ramblings

October 7, 2011

by Tricia

OK it’s October already and where’s winter? Today I looked back at the 2009-2010 calenders and we had temperatures in the teens and twenties for last week and this one in those years. Not that I am complaining, it saves on heating fuel, but is this a harbinger of a mild winter, or just the quiet before the storm? Lately the sun is out in the mornings but by evening the gray clouds roll in and there is a definite chill usually indicating a decent snow fall. However when I wake the next morning the sun is back as if saying…enjoy it while it lasts.

In the 60’s there were protests across the United States about the war in Viet Nam. There are now protests that started in NY now popping up in other large cities. The big difference as I see it is that in the 60’s you knew and understood what the protesters were trying to accomplish, there goal was to end the war. The present protest has no set goal and only a general target of business and people that have a lot of money. So what’s that about? Growing up I thought the goal of bettering ourselves was what life was all about. We were always told to better ourselves to be ‘successful’ to make good money, so what’s changed?

If I were a ‘black helicopter’ individual I would think these demonstrations were being orchestrated for some nefarious purpose. Otherwise how would you explain hundreds of people camping out in a city park and demonstrating when they can not even definitively explain why they are doing it when interviewed on the news. However being just an ordinary guy I can only scratch my head and wonder what are they trying to accomplish. It is funny though, that the NY police have allowed them (almost) a free hand in there activities, when anti-war protesters were arrested by the bus load. Could someone higher up the food chain be giving the orders and holding the police at bay?

A number of photos from the sit in, can you figure out what they are trying to accomplish?

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  1. Jon permalink
    October 8, 2011 9:42 pm


    Yeah, we had the same thing going on here in downtown Mpls. yesterday.Our former ( I’m ashamed to admit ) Gov. Jesse Ventura came in from whatever planet he’s on these days & joined ’em, so that’s all the proof you need to see what a load of bull this is. I didn’t see this myself but a local talk show said there were the usual signs up & several words were misspelled on a lot of them so that shows you these people are simply pawns & not very smart. The illustrious mayor R.T. Rybak ( who’s name always reminds me of a ranch hand on the Virginian! LOL! )

    Your last paragraph is very interesting. Let me tie that in with what Hank Williams Jr. said on Fox News about Obama & these people being sent by someone higher up. Obama supports these people & the union thugs were also in attendance in NYC. So I think you’re on to something as I think these people are the brown shirts of Germany’s 20s & 30s movement. And we all know who led that one. So, I think you’re right about these idiots taking their marching orders from “higher ups”. I’m surprised Hank apologized when I think he was right.



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