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Kirk to Enterprise..beam me up!

October 2, 2011

With the governments ending of our space program at cape Canaveral Florida, one would assume our interest in launching big rockets into outer space was at an end. That we would now rely on foreign nations to launch our people and satellites into space. By like an episode from the ‘Twilight Zone’ it is far from over only teleported to a new location.

I have been in Alaska now for over 15 years and of course I did know about the ‘Star wars’ missile defense rockets at Ft. Greeley about 100 miles away, but these were military and I didn’t think anything about them until a couple of days ago when reading the Fairbanks Newsminer newspaper. There was a photo of a satellite being launched, not from Florida or Vandenberg in California but Kodiak, Alaska!

Kodiak missile launch complex

A Navy communication satellite was launched on top of a rocket big enough to reach LEO (low earth orbit) and beyond. To say I was surprised and impressed was an understatement. Kodiak to me meant Brown bears, big trophy size bears and great fishing, not orbital rocket launch pads. It goes to show one that no matter how much one reads and listens to the radio we can always miss something.

Ft Greeley interceptor missile

This also means that right here in Alaska we have three missile launch facilities, that I know of. Ft. Greeley for the missile defense shield, Kodiak for the orbital rockets and right outside of Fairbanks is Poker flats where they launch rockets for various research purposes including the study of the Aurora Borealis (Norther lights).

Poker flats missile range

When you take these three rocket launch facilities and add the super computer housed at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks…..

maybe there is more than gold and oil in the hills of Alaska.

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