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Shakespeare in Washington

September 27, 2011

Way, way back in the distant past. A teacher in high school thought it would be a good idea for his students to memorize sections of Shakespeare’s greatest works. Now to a line man on the high school football team, with many important things on his mind (girls), Shakespeare was had to read and impossible to understand. But seeing my grades in his class were teetering on the edge, I took a shot and to this day still remember that passage that I had to memorize. I may not know the words verbatim but I have carried the meaning throughout my life. What is even more amazing is that it is as relevant today as back when I studied it.

Why am I drifting back to ancient high school work? Well as usual I was listening to the news and a couple talk shows and it seems that the Shakespearian passage should be applied to out representatives in Washington. Yes it’s the tired old refrain again coming out of the capitol…government shutdown.

What are we paying these lumps of crap for if they, after a year of extensions, can not pass a budget. It’s the same old BS, only now with the elections looming they are scared to do something that will offend the voters. Guess what…. no matter what they do they will piss someone off. They understand this and are franticly trying to decide which group of voters they can afford to loose and still keep there nice ($$$) jobs.

So I present to you what must be the prayer our representatives use each day as they begin there work.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in it’s petty pace from day to day

and all our yesterdays have lighted fools way to dusty death

out, out brief candle life is but a stage

where we strut and fret our life away

it is a tale told by an idiot

full of sound and fury

signifying nothing.

Isn’t this what we see every day in congress and the senate ??

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  1. Jon permalink
    September 27, 2011 2:11 pm

    Likewise, just sometimes I’m not so sure about my thinking!!! LOL!!



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