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Ramblings 6.0

August 9, 2011

I’ve had the itch a number of times to take pen to paper, or in this day and age finger to keyboard. The thoughts however turn to wisps of smoke as they linger in my jumbled mind. Little bits and pieces of daily life trigger a thought and then are no more. Yes I have tried first to write them down when they happen and have even taken at times to carry a mini recorder, but to no avail. When you play it back or read the (idea/thought) it the light of day it makes no sense. But let me try to piece together the last few notes, (gout-cool-gold-military), I had.

Gout was an easy one. It seems like I have entered that part of life when I have recurring attacks of it. The last one started a couple weeks ago in my knee and just as it was quieting down I think it hit my hip. Timing is everything and of course it happened just when my daughter was coming out for a visit. Well not only did the hip quiet down for the day but even the weather co-operated. We have had a week of almost daily showers but the day she arrived the sun came out and it was a great day. We even managed to spend some time out fishing…. well I was there sitting on the bed of a pickup and she, her significant other and his dad chased the fish. And to show it was a great day just for her, the very next day it was in the 40’s and raining.

The cool part of my notes refers to our weather. It looks and feels like ‘fall’ is here. Temps only in the 50’s during the day and some leaves are now turning yellow. I love this weather because the bugs will soon be gone and it is still warm enough to get out of the cabin without piling on a lot of cloths. The only down side is you end up running the heater for a couple hours a day.

Gold….Today passed the $1,700 an ounce mark, thanks to our elected leaders in Washington. Our paper is becoming worth less and less each day. If we look at the state of the worlds economy as being linked to our financial problems that December 2012 end of the world scenario is looking a lot less like fiction.

The thought’s I had about the military was directed at the family of the soldiers that lost there lives in the helicopter that was shot down in Afghanistan. We may not be in any declared war but the loss of life of our men and women of the military should never be forgotten. For my part they and there family will be in my prayers.

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