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One more time

July 29, 2011

The back door of the paddy wagon swung open and four of the cops fell out. The jumped up as if in unison and chased the wagon as it sped through the streets to the bank robbery. When it arrived at the bank the robbers were walking comely away from there heist and in fact a couple of them asked the cops to help them carry the loot. With the robbers dressed in business attire the cops helped them with the bag’s and tipped there hats as the car, robbers and money sped off. Most of you do not remember the ‘Keystone cops’ silent movies. I was lucky enough to have seen some of there movies on 8mm.

I have a confession to you my readers, today I slipped and listened to a number of radio talk shows and later when visiting a neighbor watched some talking heads on msn and cnn. While visiting my eyes glassed over and the blood seeped from my brain, as my last thoughts were of the way our representatives acting like the ‘Keystone cops’.

We, my friends, we are being played for as fool’s. Our representatives in Washington are putting on one big show. Even a teenager working at McDonald’s understands you can not spend more than you make. So don’t you think these representative’s of ours who have at the least a collage education do not understand this. They are the Keystone cops, with one hand creating a massive show about an economy that will crash, interest rates where no one can afford to buy anything, announcing that our military and our seniors will not get there checks. Then with the other, behind closed doors, already knowing what they will end up agreeing to at the same time making sure there pockets will not be effected.

They appear to be taking us to the brink of economic disaster only to at the last moment pull a rabbit, (an agreement), out of the hat. Hoping that we will be grateful for our salvation by these great men.

To me they are the Keystone cops of our era
and they ALL need to be replaced.

It was true when Thomas Jefferson once said….
“The tree of liberty MUST be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants”
and it is especially true today.

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