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Ramblings 2.0… from the edge

June 21, 2011

Even though my life for the past decade has been spent living in the woods, I do not consider myself unintelligent. I joke quite frequently about being old and the mind not quite as sharp as it once was, but I daily operate a radio station and edit video on a computer. That must mean some neurons are still making the right connection, but today I encountered my old nemesis, frustration.

I had just brought home a new external DVD burner. One that had a new feature called “Lightscribe”. When you start to burn as many DVD’s as I do you do not want to overwork the internal burner so hence the new drive. Well to make a long story short after mounting the drive and the “Lightscribe” software I tested it out. It worked excellent when doing a normal DVD but I could not get the Lightscribe program to open. (Here is where the frustration comes in) I decided to delete the new program and re-instal it. My computer would not let me trash the program. I tried everything but it would not let me un-instal it.

So is it me? Is there some cloud that hangs over me, every once in a while letting some sun in and then a moment later raining down hail the size of golf balls? As of this posting I have decided to take a day off, write to my son, the company that sold the drive and the Lightscribe company asking for guidance out of this fog. OH “Lightscribe” is a feature on some new DVD burners that allows you to ‘burn’ a label onto the disc itself, making the need for paper labels extinct.

Almost daily while listening to the radio I hear about hospitals and school districts and local governments being overwhelmed by the burden of offering there service to ‘illegal’ aliens. Trying to live my life by the teachings of Jesus Christ is at times very hard, because according to these teachings we should take care of the needy. The treat your neighbor as thyself philosophy. But isn’t it true that if your neighbor is getting free food and medicine on a regular basis and he tells his friends that if they come to your place they will be given these things for free also, when do you say NO more.

I think it is totally unfair that many millions of people have legally immigrated here, have gone through years of red tape and expense to become citizens, only to have the government and many, many “citizens” tell them that they were stupid for doing it the right way. I feel we must crack down on the business that enable these people to live here. We should also say no government welfare, food stamps, schooling or hospital care (except real emergencies) unless you are a legal citizen or ‘legal’ immigrant. If we take away these basics they will all leave on there own and no force will have to be used. We could use the millions of dollars spent each month on extra border enforcement to, I don’t know maybe help pay down a tiny part of the national debt.

Today is not only fathers day but the day on which Fairbanks has the summer solstice party. Our down town is closed off as we celebrate the longest day of the year, (actually that will be the 21st), but because it’s a work day….well you get the idea. We have food and live entertainment on 4 different stages.

To me it marks the day when I can, soon, once again look forward to having darkness at night. I don’t mind the 21 plus hours of daylight but to go for almost three months without any night…. What the heck I just got an invite from my daughter for a free dinner where she works so maybe a trip to town, dinner and a little music and late “night” fishing is in order.

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  1. Jon permalink
    June 21, 2011 8:33 pm

    My wife is a Filipina who went through the proper channels 37 years ago to become a legal citizen. Took her months to do & it really boils her to see all this crap going on where questioning anything is racist. discriminatory whatever. Everything is in hell or going there in a handbasket.



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