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Rambling’s…from the edge

June 18, 2011

I must have eight or ten postings in the works some half complete others only a paragraph or a couple of lines. I daily go to these postings and see what new inspiration I can find, but for the most part I just stair off into the woods, and eventually close the posting folder.

With your patience and understanding I want to try something different. I call it rambling’s. I am just going to put the thoughts themselves out there. Some will be short and totally unfinished others longer and more thought out.

If you are like me during the day, and sometimes as you are just about to fall asleap these ‘rambling’s’ just materalize in our head. It could be while you are working and you observe something that triggers an idea, or listening to the radio and you comment ‘mentaly’ to yourself about what is being talked about. It could even be looking at old videotape, like the rambling below, that prompted me to start a posting but then I lost my direction. (ie this is happening to me more and more as I get older).

So here is my first rambling’s from the edge. Sometimes it will be a number of thoughts other times a single thread that for some reason started well but, well there is that old age thing again. I will also be adding photographs. I know your saying so what, but this will be different. The photographs will for the most part have (NO) connection whatsoever to what I have written. I have a lot of good pictures and I would like to share them with you so I will just randomly add photo’s to the posting and hope I can find the right balance.

Now let us look at our first rambling

I was sitting on the guard rail about a third of a mile North of my cabin on the Elliott highway. There is a dip in the road here and it open’s a panoramic vista of the valley to the West and North. I think it was only two summers ago when this valley was ablaze with fire, walking up the hill next to the homestead. At that time we had a couple fire crews manning a fire line and working in the valley to tame the conflagration. Today there was not a wisp of smoke to be seen. It has been raining off and on now for days and the rain has done a wonderful job of quelling the blaze.

Today I came to check the progress of the fire but most times I come here to just sit and think. Except for the occasional truck or car passing behind me the view, clear over to the White mountains, is quite conducive to deep thought or just to escape reality.

I think the main benefit of getting old is more time for reflection. Time to look over ones life and to put it into perspective. Time to observe the world around us and see the good and evil that was hidden buy our everyday rush for survival. And if we are very lucky time to accept the path we have chosen.

I have been transferring some video for my closest friend and have seen some clips that have given me more sense of this perspective. For the past few years I have become more and more inactive. I have developed a routine, (some would call it a rut). But looking at the video rekindles in me a sense of great satisfaction. For a number of years I helped Rose work on making this homestead a home for her and her family. It is one thing to sit around and talk about the “old” days it is quite another thing to see yourself accomplishing something ‘truly worthwhile’ that most outsiders would call impossible.

I don’t remember what year it was, but somewhere around 2000 Rose and I drove out here and walked the boundary line of the property. At that time it was no more than a bad trail that someone had cut with a chain saw to survey it on. I want to use an off times misused used word ‘gumption’. But I am using it in the truest sense when I say that she had more gumption than any ten people. To walk a trail and visualize her new home then to go out and “just do it”… Well I have not met anyone with more heart, more gumption than Rose.

What started somewhere in time as a dream ended up being 4 homes two of them over 2,400 feet and some 6 out buildings from a storage and fuel sheds to a greenhouse and of course the outhouse’s. Unfinished.

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  1. Rosalyn permalink
    June 18, 2011 3:08 pm

    LOL, it isn’t gumption, it is not having any money and needing a home. Every dime went into buying the property and the rest is done as I scrounge up the materials. If I had to pay someone to do all of this, it would still be bare ground and trees all over it. That first Spring, Summer and early Autumn in a tent did not whet my appetite for living all Winter that way.


  2. Jon permalink
    June 18, 2011 10:28 pm

    At a fast glance the pic looks almost like a tornado, even though they’re almost non-existent in Alaska.
    Know what you mean about random thoughts. Many thoughts & daydreams go through my head as I’m driving my bus from downtown Mpls. to the suburbs, about 20 miles. Just don’t tell my supes I do this!! Sometimes the freeway transforms into the haul road from my pipeline days.


  3. Daddy permalink*
    June 19, 2011 11:13 am

    As they say, time is money, and you were certainly rich with one, if not the other. Being rich either way is wealthy indeed. With the wealth that you had then, you all spent it wisely and built much to be proud of.


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