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The Dalton.1

February 5, 2011

Many of you have traveled to Alaska. Many of you have experienced some of the wonders that this state has to offer. But few have had the opportunity to experience the ‘real’ Alaska. The Alaska without the footprint of man. There are indeed many wondrous sights. There are the close encounters with animals that travel in our state offers. There are the sweeping panoramas of mountains that go on seemingly forever. All of which are Alaska but…

To experience a true taste of Alaska one must get ‘Off the beaten path’. Travel where few tourist go, get out and walk and sit in total isolation, with just yourself and the never ending wilderness. Having lived here since the early 90’s I have found just such a place.

It is a road that few visitors travel called the Dalton highway. A road that is primitive and dangerous to travel. A road who’s very existence was created for the greater good of America. A road that travels to the very top of the world. It is a road that exemplifies the words ‘last frontier’.

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  1. Jon permalink
    February 5, 2011 10:59 pm

    Couldn’t agree more. As a former pipeliner, I was on that road before the general public was allowed to go north of the Yukon & only have the link between the old Dietrich pipeline camp & Prudhoe Bay to complete. One of my favorite sites is Sukakpak Mtn. From certain vantage points reminds me of the rock of Gibralter. Coincidentally enough, if we come up this year, my wife wants me to take her to Prudhoe. Now there are a few outfits that rent vehicles to go + the oil field tour. So we can count my memories ourselves rather than go with a tour group, at least until we reach Prudhoe.

    Another place that’s “off the beaten path” is the trip to McCarthy. Did that in ’95 & took the long way down the Parks, across the Denali the down the Rich to the Edgerton. 24 hrs. later I was in McCarthy!


  2. ccrmom permalink
    February 6, 2011 2:08 am

    I too, have been fortunate enough to travel on the Dalton, only to Coldfoot, but what a beautiful wonderful trip it was. Cannot imagine being there when the road was just gravel.. and all the hazards that the drivers had to anticipate. My kids took me there to be able to see the tundra, and the vastness .. as if you need to go there.. Alaska itself is vast. The kids today use the word Awesome for everything.. but standing on the tundra at Finger Mountain, and thinking about the natural forces that have created those vistas.. frost heaves.. just is amazing!! I was also pleased that the state has taken the time to place markers there among the plants and rocks to identify what you are looking at, and also to give some idea of how those plants have kept the native americans alive in that terribly harsh environment. It was truly a pleasure to see.. not necessarily a pleasure to drive.. pretty bumpy still.. but nothing like it must have been. We saw beaver, bear, caribou and lots of various duck species while we were travelling there.. it was truly AWESOME!! We took our own gasoline (20 gallons) a lunch and our little mini long haired dachsund.. great trip!! My two trips to Alaska were the highlight of my life. I have been to most of the US, Europe and a bit in Canada, Mexico.. but Alaska was where I had always dreamed of going, and it has lived up to and exceeded all expectations. I will remember my times there forever. I wish we had had the courage to move there when we were younger, but I was afraid to not have health care and electricity and heat and running water while my kids were young. Dumb Dumb Dumb!! But I wish you Pete only the very best, and that you are happy there forever. Mary Ann


  3. Del permalink
    February 10, 2011 11:21 pm

    Oh the 70’s were sure fun……Remember all comments well….


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