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For the good of all $#%@

May 30, 2010

Living in the woods like I do you have a lot of time for reflection. I have sat by my window looking across at the White mountain’s through the trees and pondered many things. Yesterday this was not a good thing. I had finished reading an article in a magazine telling me how to improve my life. The article was surrounded by advertisements also telling me things would be so much better if only I bought there products. I know most of you reading this have a TV and the shows you watch are loaded with commercials saying the same thing. You have also probably encountered relatives and friends who give you advice on how to make your life easier. This happens every day of our life, we are surrounded by pictures and people telling us how to live better. How do they know we are not completely satisfied with the way our lives are?

What makes them better qualified then ourselves to know what we should be doing with our life?

Would you listen to a relative, that you have not seen in years, tell you how to cook a meal?


If you are content with the cloths you ware would you think you were less of a person if you did not buy the latest fashions as advertised on TV?

Would you listen to a neighbor from three blocks away tell you not to put that garden in your back yard because the squirrel’s have a right to use that area?

I know this may sound stupid but it happens to us up here in Alaska on a regular basis. A large percentage of the population of Alaska rely on hunting and fishing for a good portion of our food. And a group of people on the East coast are telling us that the correct way to live, is to not hunt for our food. Almost all our food is imported and that means compared to your food stores is is quite expensive. Who are these people to think they can tell us it is wrong to go out and hunt our food? What right do they have to tell us how to act in our daily lives from almost 5,000 miles away. Other than they had someone else do there dirty work, is there a difference between them going to a supermarket and buying hamburger, from a cow that was killed in a pen, to us going out into the woods and hunting a moose in the wilderness?

Or how about these same people living over 5,000 miles away and never even visiting the area they are talking about, telling us we can’t produce oil in a certain area because it will hurt the ducks and caribou. I have only been in Alaska since 1995 but have spent quite a lot of time in these areas. I have seen ducks, geese and cranes in ponds beneath the pipeline….I have video of a caribou mother and her newborn playing around an oil rig. Other video shows herds of caribou in and around Prudhoe bay. I have talked to biologist from the university who spend years tracking and observing the animals in the oil fields, and they have come to the same conclusion that there is no adverse effect from the oil production.

I have no real ending for this ‘rant’ it is just an first hand observation. I would invite any of those who think they know better than we who live here to come up, spend a few months in the woods walking the North slope with the caribou…maybe then they can talk with the experience and authority of having been here, living our daily lives and walking in our footsteps.

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  1. AussieAlaskan permalink
    June 7, 2010 7:54 pm

    G’day Pete – every time I log and see this photo I wonder if you took it from your place or driving to/from somewhere – been wanting to ask you. It is a wonderful shot. Regards, Terry


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