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Sometimes I should just turn the radio off.

May 18, 2010

Radio stations here in Alaska are primarily the same as anywhere else in the US. The one difference I have noted is the commentators on the local talk shows are a bit more forceful with there remarks. I made the mistake this afternoon of tuning in to a Fairbanks station and the host opened an old wound of mine, balancing a budget and Social security.


I have always tried to live within my budget, it was easy. I made the money and gave my paycheck to my wife. She made sure the bills were paid and our standard of living was always maintained. My wife’s name was Teresa and I thank God for her common sense every day. When she passed in 1993 I found that balancing a budget was not as easy as I thought, but it can be done. You just don’t buy everything you want..just what you need. Though through the 28 years we were married she managed to push me a little to always look for a better job, (her definition was a bigger paycheck). But no matter where I worked unbeknown to me she was building a savings account for the family.

I bring this up because of today’s radio program reminding me that social security is broke and in the near future it will not be there. How can it be broke if men and women have been paying into it for years? How can it not sustain itself if the working population of the US is larger than ever? They still take out for social security from everyone’s check right?

Well it comes down to the budget. Our elected officials in Washington do not live by the same rules we mere mortals do. They do not live within a budget, they spend much more than they take in from our taxes. Then they borrow, (steal), our SS money that we pay in every week and use it to pay for anything but social security. They are supposed to pay it back into the fund but are so far in the hole they can not repay what they took out. So they tell us it will shortly go broke.

There is something inherently wrong with this. They were elected to protect our rights not take our money that was collected for one purpose and used for some pork barrel earmark.

Why can’t we demand that our government live within it’s budget??

I worry constantly about my grandchildren and what the United States will look like when they are older.

In the 1700’s the people of America, tired of there representatives not listening to them, felt as I do and they did something.

I may just get some tea and dump it into the Yukon river.

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  1. Daddy permalink*
    May 18, 2010 11:50 pm

    Gotta keep paying over and above income to provide those services we’ve become so accustomed to that we can’t live without any more. And any representative doesn’t want to be the one that tied to get re-elected saying “I cut all your services 20% so the government would spend within budget.” That probably doesn’t get you re-elected.


    • May 19, 2010 1:54 pm

      The operative phrase is (so accustomed to that we can’t live without). We the people have to decide to do with less. When we accept this then we can start cutting ALL earmarks first, then stop all increases in department spending and finally cut across the board.

      You know there are things you do not need to comfortably survive. Well there are multi millions of dollars of projects that “We the people can live without”


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